Alcázar de San Juan

Alcázar de San Juan

The heart of La Mancha

An inland spot with its own identity

Alcázar de San Juan, land of windmills, is the centre of many of Don Quixote’s travels. Landscapes through which the famous hidalgo passed and carried out his misdeeds with his faithful companion Sancho Panza seem like scenes inspired by this city. Unmistakable atmosphere on each corner.

Snacks that taste like tradition

The authentic taste of La Mancha. One that goes back to the Spanish Golden Age in dishes mentioned in Don Quijxote such as duelos y quebrantos (scrambled eggs with chorizo), guiso de bodas (typical stew), gachas (porridge), lamb stew or lemon salad. The torrijas, mantecados and bizcocha bring the sweet touch of the exquisite traditional flavours.

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