Fall in love with Seville at Christmas and enjoy its magic!

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Fall in love with Seville at Christmas and enjoy its magic!

A fairytale world becomes reality when Christmas arrives in Seville. Discover the purest tradition of these holidays and fall in love with it!

Inhale the scent of roasted chestnut, contemplate the thousands of golden light bulbs that illuminate the city, listen to the angelic voices of the bell choirs, taste the classic polvorones... welcome to Christmas in Seville! Unmistakable, unique and special, this capital is one of the best in Europe to celebrate these holidays.

This is mainly because Christmas in Seville is lived with great intensity and, above all, passion. All the traditions of these dates come alive in every corner: nativity scenes, fir trees, markets, shows, lights, horseback riding ... The atmosphere of the streets is extraordinary, and many decide to visit the city to discover how a Christmas fairytale comes true. Therefore, we tell you all the things to do in Seville in December.

What to do during Christmas in Seville

A classic route: the nativity scenes

Institutional organizations, foundations and associations install these scenes in the streets of the city so that Sevillians and visitors can enjoy such a local tradition. These include the Nativity Scene of el Arquillo (located by the town hall), the Nativity Scene of the Cathedral, the Nativity Scene of Cajasol, the Nativity Scene of the San Juan de Dios Hospital, the Popular Canarian Nativity Scene of the Apeadero del Alcázar hall, the Mudejar style Nativity Scene of the Palace of the Marquises de la Algaba and the Neapolitan Nativity Scene of Casa Fabiola.

In addition, until December 23rd you will enjoy the XXVI Feria del Belén in Seville, located on Fray Ceferino Street and Avenida de la Constitución. A total of 15 exhibitors where you will find the typical figures, accessories and all the details you´ll need to create the perfect Nativity Scene in your home. Surely you want to take some souvenir!

Christmas lights in Seville

Christmas in Seville offers a lights show worth seeing. This year, 279 streets and squares are the lucky ones to be lightened by the beams of small light bulbs that fill every corner with magic. Twinkling from last November 29th, they will be hanging until next January 6th from 18.30 to 23.00. Nonetheless, on Christmas Eve, Christmas and the night of Three Wise Men (January 5th), the lights will have be on until 01.00 in the morning.

In addition to the lights tour, you can not miss the exhibition of lights and music that, every half hour, takes place in the Plaza de San Francisco. There, eight large angels light up as the carols act as incredible orchestra conductors.

Christmas markets

You will love the Christmas markets in Seville, because they are the perfect excuse to take a souvenir of your getaway to the Andalusian capital. In the landscape formed by the booths there is a magical and special atmosphere. It is the epicenter where Christmas is born.

Out of all of them, the Christmas Market of Handicrafts of Seville is a must. It is open until January 5th, from 11 am to 3 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm. Keep in mind that it will remain closed on the afternoons of December 24th and 31st and on December 25th and January 1st.

Prepare for a route through the Christmas trees

Although the tradition is the Nativity scenes, firs are gaining more and more followers. That is why, in recent years, Christmas fills Seville decorated with ornaments of these dates. Plan an itinerary to discover them in the Alameda de Hércules, the Plaza de Cuba, the Plaza de la Encarnación, the Plaza Nueva, the Puerta de Jerez or the Santa Justa Station, among others. You will feel like diving into a Christmas story.

Ice skating

Even though it´s hard to believe, Seville has one of the largest ice rinks in Europe, which is located in the Prado de San Sebastián. Next to this ring, in addition, there is also a large giant ferris wheel, a sled ramp and some booths so you can bring home a souvenir and taste the tradition of Christmas sweets.

On the other hand, in front of our hotel Casa de Indias by Intur you will also have the chance to give ice-skating a try. The Plaza de las Setas, or de la Encarnación, is the location of another of the city's skating rinks.

The taste of a chocolate with churros

And, if you´re looking for the cherry top to your romantic getaway in Christmas in Seville, you should definitely go for the typical chocolate con churros. If you stay at Casa de Indias by Intur, you will be next to the best place in the city to taste them. The Centuria, in the Plaza de la Encarnación, is one of the most traditional places in the Andalusian capital to warm your body with this traditional snack.

The Three Wise Men parade and the Royal Herald

We all like travelling back to our childhood from time to time, and Seville´s Christmas parade is the perfect excuse. For those who plan to travel after new year´s, this plan is the perfect closure for an ideal Christmas. In addition, you can also contemplate how the Herald of his Majesties (the Three Wise Men) collects the keys of the city and the letters of the little ones on January 4th, on a tour that passes in front of our Core Suites apartments. Let yourself get carried away by magic once again.

Enjoy the wonderful Seville at Christmas and stay at Casa de Indias or Core Suites. If you book with our Seville Monumental offer, in addition, we will give you a guided tour of the essential monuments of the city. Fall in love, once again, with a city with a special color.

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