The best cultural plans in San Sebastián in 2020

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The best cultural plans in San Sebastián in 2020


Get ready for an intense year at Bella Easo. We have prepared an infographic with the most important events of the cultural agenda of San Sebastián.

San Sebastián is a great city to visit, but also to explore. Its leisure and entertainment offer is very wide and, of course, varied with a single purpose: to make sure everyone in the city enjoys every minute of their stay. With this in mind, the city offers many throughout the year, so we have collected the most important of all those that set up the perfect culture trip of San Sebastián for the rest of 2020.

From the best known, such as its film festival or the Behobia - San Sebastián race, to the smallest concerts, exhibitions or activities of even local artists, in the capital of Guipúzcoa there is no place for boredom. Theater, music, dance, gastronomy, literature ... there are hundreds of plans to enjoy a culture trip in San Sebastián! Check all the options and start planning that fun getaway already:

These are the most important events of the cultural agenda of San Sebastián, but there are many more. During every month you will also enjoy concerts, art exhibitions, sporting events, film cycles and a long list of smaller but equally enriching, entertaining and interesting events. Because if this city stands out for something (besides its natural and gastronomic richness), it is because of the traditional basque culture that you will breathe in every corner.

The infographic above has just become the perfect excuse for you to plan an unforgettable and different getaway to the Pearl of the Cantabrian. A getaway in which you will be able to combine the events you like most with a pintxos route through the best bars in the city and visit places that seem to be taken off a fairytale. We´re talking about La Concha beach, Miramar Palace, Monte Igueldo and Monte Urgull, the old case or, why not, the surrounding villages such as Hondarribia or Zumaia.

Make your trip perfect and stay at the Villa Victoria by Intur hotel. Located just three minutes away from La Concha and one step away from the best plans, it is perfect to enjoy Donostia if you are looking for the perfect culture trip to San Sebastián. Convinced already? Get ready and feel the beats of a city full of life!

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