Live Seville's Easter from our VIP balconies

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Live Seville's Easter from our VIP balconies


The processions of Seville´s Easter are some of the most famous around the world. And, this year, you´ll be able to enjoy them from row one. Discover all the details of the pack including VIP balcony!

Talking about Easter in Seville means, without a doubt, talking about history, traditions, art and devotion. Considered as the most beautiful in the world and declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest 40 years ago, this celebration transforms the city during what is considered the “Semana Grande” (big week) of Andalucia´s capital. This year, between April´s 14th and 21st, the 71 brotherhoods will carry on the processional steps that fill the streets with religious veneration and intensity.

The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the axes of Easter in Seville, but there are many curious people who, too, come to live it as the show it also is. The most important party in the city is not for less. Endless processions of different brotherhoods that parade every day, and all with something common: the official race. That is to say, the established route through which almost all the brotherhoods pass and which has limited access.

Do you want to know the best part? The start of this official race is located in La Campana, and that´s right where the VIP balconies of our Core Suites apartments are located! This year, you will be able to enjoy the best processions of Seville´s Easter sitting in an area where seats usually cost € 100 and, with us, you will be access for only €50 per day.

All of this is under the special Easter offer we have prepared for you. If you book this pack, you will stay at the Casa de Indias hotel, 200 meters away and five minutes walking from La Campana, and enjoy a VIP balcony from where you´ll see the guilds of the city pass. Also, you will also have at your disposal an agape with service of waiters, soft drinks, coffees and pastries.

Hurry up, the seats on our front row balconies are limited! From Palm Sunday, April 14th, until Easter Sunday, April 21st, you can reserve for €50 in the afternoon. Keep in mind though that Holy Thursday and La Madrugá are two separate tickets, although you can get them both for a total of € 80.

Now that you know our pack, and if you still do not have plans for Holy Week, what better option than to enjoy the tradition of Seville on the front line? Art, devotion, history and beauty will come together under your feet so that you feel that emotion that you must live, at least once in a lifetime. Now is the time, do not let them tell you!

The music bands, the brotherhoods, the processions ... There are so many things to see that, without a doubt, you´ll need a guide for Easter in Seville. To begin with, find below some tips that can be very useful to enjoy what can be one of your best experiences so far:

  • Check-out the program to stay alert of what are the most important aspects of each of the processions, as well as the brotherhoods that parade. This way you will control the schedules and itineraries of each of them.
  • Respect the tone of the processions. You will see that some of them are silent and an unwritten rule advances that visitors should also stay that way. Remember, in this line, that it is a matter of beliefs and that the basic thing is to respect them.
  • If you have any doubts, ask the "capillita" of the brotherhood. This person will be happy to advise you and share his knowledge about Easter, as it is one of the great fans of the party. How to recognize it? You will do it because it will be dressed in a jacket, tie and some symbol of the brotherhood to which it belongs.
  • Make the best out of your trip to Seville. When the time of the processions allows it, enjoy the Andalusian color that the city gives off. Of course, it is advisable to call before to know if access to some monuments, such as the Cathedral, is available.

With these tips and with the VIP accommodation and balcony pack, you have no excuses. Easter in Seville is waiting for you with open arms! Remember that availability is limited and, little by little, time runs out ... there are only 10 days left for the show. It's time to book!

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