Hotel Intur Orange´s reopening: all the details

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Hotel Intur Orange´s reopening: all the details


On February 1st, Hotel Intur Orange inaugurates its 2019 season with new improvements in its facilities and entertainment services. Discover all the details and participate in the draw for a free stay!

Relax, unwind from the routine and enjoy the time with your kids. Hotel Intur Orange reopens to offer you, once again, unforgettable moments with your family. As of February 1st, the hotel´s ready to make you smile again! For that, it has upgraded its facilities designed for your fun and your disconnection. Large and extensive gardens surrounded by nature, swimming pools, entertainment, incredible rooms, restaurants ... The new season of this hotel in Benicasim is waiting for you to live unique adventures with your family!

Intur Orange is back with an extraordinary surprise. Don´t you want to be among the first to enjoy the new features that this hotel brings in 2019? Take part in the draw that we will launch on Facebook on January 21st! You can win a weekend stay during the first two weeks of opening. It´s now or never: you have the opportunity to be the first to enjoy the hotel… in a brand new way!

Garden and pool at Intur Orange

Participating in the raffle of the free stay at Hotel Intur Orange Benicasim is the perfect chance to learn about the news coming this season. And, if luck´s not on your side, you can always take advantage of our special offer to enjoy full board and pay only half! This way you will save 20€ per room and night. Of course, when traveling as a family, you can also benefit from our offer of free stay for the first child.

And why are these promotions worth it? Because they are the perfect excuse to enjoy the perfect family hotel! And of course all the new features that come with it in 2019. Every year, a new (and complete) entertainment program draws the best smiles on the faces of young ones… and not so young ones! This season, smiles promise to be bigger thanks to the gymkhana that the animation team has prepared in the extensive gardens of the hotel.

Familia Intur Orange

The list of activities is almost endless. Adults can enjoy yoga classes, aquazumba, pilates, minigolf or aerobics. The kids, meanwhile, can have fun with face painting, the workshops or the shows, and the teenagers can opt for sports or music games. For the whole family, our minitalents, minidiscs and theme parties are the best option.

Hotel Intur Orange holds on to one of its most successful bets of last season. We are talking about the delicious children's buffet. Nuggets, pasta, rice, potato wedges, breaded steaks ... Mouthwatering! In addition, the ice cream cart and the refrigerator will add a sweet touch to the meals. A sweet touch and, of course, fun!

Intur Orange restaurant

This 2018 addition not only delighted the kids, it was also aimed to the parents and even the babies! Every night, the hotel's kitchen staff will cook homemade veal, legume or fish creams. But the good taste of the holidays won´t end here. Delicacies from all over the world will land in Intur Orange. Thus, you will discover the aroma of the United States with the American buffet and its burgers or the essence of Mexico with tacos, enchiladas and nachos. How about trying the Asian, Indian or Arabic buffet? Get lost in the international gastronomy and discover its exquisiteness at our hotel.

But the news Hotel Intur Orange brings don´t stop here. The complete animation program with the gymkhana is added to the extraordinary facilities. Entering the hotel means immersing yourself in an unmistakable family universe in Benicasim. Out of the 413 rooms renovated in 2018, two of them have escalated in category to reach the distinction of 'premium family rooms' for 2019. To this we must add the creation of a new meeting room located next to the beautiful garden. In short, a hotel that has everything for everyone.

Intur Orange: your hotel in Benicasim for a family holiday

Hotel Intur Orange is the best option in Benicasim to enjoy a getaway with your family. A place to smile, really, big time. When you leave the room, everything that waits for you outside is incredible. We have already talked about the extensive gardens, but we can´t forget the pools! With one for adults and others for children, the space is large and will become the corner kids won´t want to leave. Placed right in the middle of the pools, a platform serves as a stage and gives life to the most entertaining shows of our entertainment team. Additionally, this year you will also enjoy, in this corner, a relaxation area with sauna and jacuzzi.

Don´t forget to stop by the bar and try one of the refreshing cocktails. We´re not lying when we say that you will have everything you need! Besides all the previously mentioned, it´s worth remembering that the location of Hotel Intur Orange in Benicasim is perfect for those family holidays you have in mind. It´s located just 250 meters from Heliópolis beach, one of the best in town. The Mediterranean will be the perfect company on those days. Relax on the shore while your children have fun splashing in the water and simply let the sea breeze take care of you!


But Benicasim is more than just the beach. Corners, places, monuments, stories, bicycle routes, hiking activities and many, many leisure plans for the little ones. The agenda leaves no room for boredom. Games, workshops, sports, nature, parties, shows, cinema, theater ... what more could you ask for? The cultural offer is very wide throughout the year, and children can enjoy from movies on the beach to the Festival of Theater with Good Humor and the Festival of Theater and Library of the Sea, through the storytelling on the shores of the Mediterranean or the Formigues Festival. Its pleasant climate makes it an ideal destination for any season.

This is the family getaway you are looking for. The one you deserve. Now that you know all the news Intur Orange is bringing, are you ready to come and enjoy them? You can do it as of February 1st, 2019. Participate in the draw and take advantage of our special offers! We are already waiting for you with open arms. Get carried away by the best adventure with your family!

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