4 plans to enjoy your trip to San Sebastian in December

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4 plans to enjoy your trip to San Sebastian in December



Christmas lights, gastronomy and, of course, a lot of magic. Let yourself be amazed by the eternal San Sebastian in December and live a unique, different and special trip.

The year is ending and its last month will become the perfect time to think about what we´ve lived, plan new challenges and look for dreams to fulfill. Among the latter, traveling is always a good option. And doing it to a city full of magic and a cozy atmosphere is incredible. This is what you will enjoy in San Sebastian in December.

Donostia is, as they say, an ideal destination to visit at this time. Gastronomy, history and tradition are responsible for it. Accompanied by these, San Sebastian dresses in fantasy to take you to a the wonderful universe of the classic Christmas tales. Discover all the plans to experience the authenticity of San Sebastián in December.

What to do in San Sebastián in December

Saint Thomas Day

Saint Thomas Day

Image: destinoeuskadi.com

On December 21st, with the arrival of the winter solstice, the Santo Tomás Fair comes to town. A celebration that dates back to the 19th century to transform the city into a rural market with an undisputed protagonist: the chistorra. This year, as it will be held on a Saturday, it will be the ideal excuse to escape and live the tradition and history of San Sebastián. The streets of the city are filled with stalls of local gastronomy and handcrafts, you will love it!

With this fair you will travel in time until the middle of the 19th century. The landlords of the province were in charge of cultivating land that was not their property and moved to the capital, San Sebastián, to pay their fees. During this visit, they took the opportunity to sell their agricultural products and buy those they didn´t have available in their own villages. Over time, the tradition gained importance and the fair that is still celebrated today was created.

Christmas in San Sebastian

December is the month of dreams in Donostia. The lights dazzle in its streets and the bars of the city are full of life. Apart from being the perfect time to make a pintxos route in San Sebastián, it is also the time to dive in to the magic of the city. Christmas in San Sebastian is conceived, above all, to be enjoyed.

You will have a wide variety of options ready for you. The distribution of gifts to the little ones by the Olentzero and Mari Domingi, the lighting in 4D, the classic nativity, the shopping in its streets or the local markets are just some examples of all the activities that you can enjoy to have a great time.

The San Silvestre race

This is an established tradition in many cities in Spain to say goodbye to the year. And San Sebastian is not an exception. Save December 31st on your calendar, because if you spend New Year's Eve here, you can not miss the 35th edition of this race that, especially, stands out for its fun atmosphere. In addition, it is also one of the most popular events in the entire province of Guipúzcoa, to the point that more than 4,000 athletes participated last year.

Christmas Market - Gabonetako Azoka

Image: Diario Vasco

This market is the best in the city. 40 booths full of ornaments typical of these dates, gastronomic products, handicrafts, local items or toys are the protagonists of a fairytale ́s place. Open until January 6th, it is one of the essential plans of San Sebastián in December, as it also offers a sled track, theater shows and workshops. The perfect combination of fun and tradition!

To enjoy all this there is no better accommodation than Villa Victoria by Intur. In this hotel in downtown San Sebastian you will feel at home. If you book now, you can also take advantage of our offer with an entrance to the La Perla spa to feel the purest disconnection! What are you waiting for to discover a magical world?

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