Seville and San Sebastian: fall in love with Intur´s boutique destinations

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Seville and San Sebastian: fall in love with Intur´s boutique destinations



Two unique destinations, both with great stories to tell and common points, now share another one. Seville and San Sebastian are the new locations of Intur boutique hotels.

If we look north, San Sebastián is waiting for us; if we head our eyes south, Seville is calling. Located 918 kilometers apart, these are two different cities with some similarities. To begin with, of course, their beauty! They have the honor of being among the most beautiful cities in Spain. But there is much more. Seville and San Sebastian, are two cities that have everything to conquer your heart.

Classic and mature, these corners live a shared love story with aspects that unite and complement them. For this reason, a little over two years ago, a tourism campaign marked the objective of showing the synergies between Seville and San Sebastian for the projection of both cities. The result, a great promotional video that puts the accent on the spectacularism of these two corners:

There are many who think that these are the two most beautiful, breathtaking and extraordinary cities of our country. Why? First, both stand out for the quality of their cuisine. In Seville, your palate will be surprised by the refreshing flavor of gazpacho, the delicious and typical aroma of snails or the famous fried fish. San Sebastian will charm you with its classic and elaborate pintxos, the excellent txangurro (spider crab) or the marmitako.

The beauty of its corners is another of those points in common between Seville and San Sebastian. The magical city of the south feels specially proud about the building that, in the past, served as Archivo de Indias, but also about its Giralda, its Torre de Oro and even its Guadalquivir river. On the other hand, Donosti´s pride lies in amazing places like Monte Igueldo, Comb of the Wind or Miramar Palace. However, in this case, if something stands out this coincidence between both places is the great value and atmosphere of their historic centers.

This year, in addition, the two cities have added a new union to their set of synergies that make them different, unique and special. San Sebastian and Seville have had the privilege of becoming Intur's boutique destinations! It all began last August 2018, when the doors of the Villa Victoria by Intur hotel, in Donosti, opened.

The doors opened, this time, to a bring world of disconnection just a few steps from the beach of La Concha. Located in a residential area, this hotel is perfect to enjoy the real city of San Sebastian. Apart from staying in an exclusive, intimate and modern corner, you will be located just five minutes away from the old town and the city center, as well as monuments, theaters and temples of well-being.

Sophisticated, different, elegant, functional and avant-garde. That´s Villa Victoria. But what about the south? In Seville, Casa de Indias by Intur is waiting for us. Intur´s second boutique hotel which, in February 2019, said "hello" to the capital of the south. However, this is not our first adventure in the city of Seville, as we started a year earlier with the Core Suites apartments. In any case, the opening of this hotel has united, even more, Seville and San Sebastian.

Casa de Indias also stands out for its combination of modern and historic style, for its exclusivity and intimacy and for its proximity to the best corners and plans of the most authentic Seville. Let yourself be surprised by a hotel with a stunning rooftop swimming pool and another at street level. Immerse yourself in the shopping streets of the capital, in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz or on the bridge of Triana. Get lost in its corners, its bars, its culture and its environment. Get prepared to enjoy!

Seville and San Sebastian, two destinations connected with each other and ready to make you fall in love with them. Make the experience unforgettable by staying at Intur boutique hotels to live a unique and different experience. We promise: you will remember it forever.

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