The festivities of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon 2019

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The festivities of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon 2019

Discover the origin of a city with the incredible celebration of Castellon´s patroness. This year, the 75th edition of the Magdalene festivities will leave you speechless. Come and live a unique adventure!

Nine days of celebration fill with light, every year, the capital of La Plana. On the third Saturday of Lent, the Festival of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon conquer the streets invading them with an amazing atmosphere, energy and joy. This year, the 75th edition will take place between March 23rd and 31st, with many new additions to the traditional events. Acts that will keep alive the historical recreations that characterize this celebration.

The Festival of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon, declared of International Tourist Interest, commemorate the origins of a place with quite a lot of history. Specifically, they turn the clock back to the year 1251, to remember the time when the city moved from the Magdalene hill to the flat area where it sits now.

Romería de las Cañas

For this reason, the Romería de las Cañas is one of the most emotional events of these festivities. It begins with the pilgrimage of thousands of people to the hermitage of La Magdalene, located on the hill of the same name, and its nocturnal return that ends in the city. Just the same way those who lived there in the thirteenth century did. This year the ritual will be on March 24th , a day that is baptized with the famous name of "Magdalena, festa plena".

Castellon´s Magdalene presumes, in addition, to have an element on which the whole celebration is articulated. We´re talking about, of course, about the well-known 'Gaiatas', a monument in which light is the protagonist. The explanation can be found, again, in the city´s origins. In this case the monument recalls the citizens who, with their lanterns of light, went down to what, today, is known as Castellon.

From here, the festivities grow and acts multiply. Pyrotechnic shows, horseback rides for adults and children, parades of decorated carriages, fireworks, street music bands, floral offerings and much more. The agenda of the Magdalene is very intense, so make sure to check it every now and then at the official app with real-time information updates. In short, these festivities are a very fun and popular celebration, which recall the mythology, history, folklore and habits of a city with a legacy worth being well taken care of.




H2: This is how the Magdalene 2019 celebrations will be

For many years, traditions have been linked with other recreational acts that make, if possible, this celebration. Being so, concerts, fairs, markets and other cultural plans are added to the agenda of the Festival of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon. Going into further detail of the concerts of the 75th edition, artists like Café Quijano, Efecto Pasillo, Macaco, Nancys Rubias and Bertín Osborne will create the night´s soundtrack from March 27th to March 30th.

The 2019 is also a year that comes with news. First, the International Gastronomic Fair at the Plaza Notario Más. Here, you will be able to taste culinary products from all parts of the world. With this, the City Council proposes a sensory trip for the taste of those who dare to try the most international dishes.

In addition to this, the Flamenco Fair located in the Plaza de Botánico Calduch, Andalusia will be one of the main events. In this corner, southern gastronomy, flamenco performances and the art that defines this region will bring that special color that this area of ​​our country can boast.

mercado gastronomico

These novelties are added to the playful proposals that, in previous years, have complemented the traditional acts. We´re talking about spaces as the Tapa & Beer Mesón, the Craft Beer Mesón, the International Beer Mesón, the Gastronomic Market, the Fair of Regional Houses, the Alternative Fair, the foodtrucks and the Wine Mesón.

As you can see, the Festival of the Mary Magdalene in Castellon is a celebration based on the common cultural heritage of all the residents of Castellon, but also of those who decide to come and enjoy it. If you like what you´ve read so far and want to experience the magic, light and color of Magdalene 2019, we invite you to discover the Intur Castellon hotel. This hotel will offer you the chance to stay in the heart of the city and, at the same time, enjoying the cuisine with the exquisite menu proposed by the restaurant ConTacto. You will be very close to traditional, playful and fun acts. Write it down on your agenda already: from March 23th to 31th is time to visit Castellon and Intur Castellon hotel. See you there?

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