What's your colour? Discover it, and enjoy it, this Summer at Intur Hotels

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What's your colour? Discover it, and enjoy it, this Summer at Intur Hotels


Now you can book directly on our website with a 20% discount to enjoy your summer at Intur Hotels. Get ready for a trip full of smiles, good times, fun and relax.

The time is almost here. Sun, good weather, holidays ... summer. Every year it seems like we´re more eager to enjoy these days that we can dedicate to ourselves or our people. But wait, you still don´t know what you're going to do? You should know then, that this summer at Intur Hotels look quite appealing. To begin with, for a very special reason: we´re offering a 20% discount on your holidays when booking through our website with the code COLORVERANO!

We know. Summer means smiles, good times, relax, unplugging and fun. In short, what we like to call “colour”. Why this concept? Because, if you think about it, colours are varied and intense, and so is the summer. And do you know what? We have them all. So, do you want to know what color will your summer be? Take advantage of the special summer offer in Intur and discover #thecolourofyoursummer.

This year, if you book your holidays through our website, you will get a 20% discount for stays starting June 15th. Also, if you stay at one of our beach hotels in Benicassim for five nights or more, we will gift you with an entrance to the Aquarama water park.

Six locations, nine hotels and one discount to enjoy the summer at Intur Hotels. Because here we have as many colours as experiences and destinations. Ready to choose where your next memories will take place? You just have to make up your mind and prepare yourself in order to discover what colour your summer will be. We´re ready and eager to make our guests enjoy the vacation that they dream with!

As a couple, in family or with friends. The beach, the city, the mountain ... It doesn´t matter! This summer at Intur Hotels you will find what you´re looking for, through very symbolic and special colors. Feel the disconnection of the underwater turquoise, live the fun of the epicmoment yellow, take advantage of the company of the perfectplan orange, do not lose the vitality of the sofresh red, remember the good moments of the soyummy fuchsia, create thousands of smiles to the straighttothewater blue or value the calm of the relaxwalk green.

And do you know the best part? Your summer colour will be not only conceptual but a part of your days when you arrive at the hotel. How? After a tough trip or an intense day of your holidays, you will be able to refresh yourself with a juice of the colour you choose. You´ll find four different: 

  • The fresh juice for lovers of green and good times.
  • The relax juice for those who prefer the orange tones of the disconnection.
  • The red energy juice for the most intense and smiley.
  • The vital juice for those passionate about yellow and fun.


As you can see, we weren´t lying! This summer Hotels Intur looks more appealing than ever… and that´s saying quite a bit! Remember: to enjoy it for less and make it even more perfect, you just have to book through our website with the code COLORVERANO. That way the 20% discount will be yours!

The choice is yours: Benicassim, San Sebastián, Sevilla, Madrid, Castellón or Alcázar de San Juan. We have many destinations, and as many colours as experiences and flavours. What's yours? Discover #thecolourofyoursummer. This year, it will be unforgettable.

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