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New boutique hotel in Seville

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Hotel Casa de Indias by Intur ⋆⋆⋆⋆: 4* boutique in Seville

art place
Right in the centre

The hotel is located in Plaza de la Encarnación, known as the Plaza de las Setas (Square of the Mushrooms). In the old quarter of Seville, it is a stone’s throw from the Medinaceli Palace, the Palace of Dueñas, the shopping area, the town hall, the Santa Cruz district, the Triana Bridge, the Cathedral, and bars and restaurants. An ideal location to enjoy the Holy Week processions.

Historical building

Casa de Indias by Intur is located in a rehabilitated building with a listed courtyard, stairs and facade. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, emanating a sense of stately character and exuding the purest essence of Seville.

Unique terraces

The hotel has two terraces. One, with breakfast service and cafeteria, is located at street level. The other terrace, on the rooftop of the Casa de Indias by Intur, has a bar, sundeck, swimming pool, relaxation area and spectacular views of the Plaza de las Setas. The best spot to enjoy Seville at your feet.

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Casa de Indias by Intur: ¿Dónde estamos?
Casa de Indias by Intur
Plaza de la Encarnación, 5-6 41003 (Sevilla)