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Intur Castellón

Celebrate tailor-made events in the city

Event rooms at Intur Castellón
A team of professionals at your disposal, lie back and relax! Let them take care of the rest, even down to the smallest detail, they will adapt to your wedding, christening, reunion, party, convention, gastronomic event and much more. Prepare to have fun in one of our event rooms.
Event Room 01}
Event Room 01

From business events to a wedding, this great room is defined by its multipurpose features. Open-plan and spacious, it is located on the ground floor of the hotel and is the largest of all the event rooms you can find here.

  • persons 200 people
  • size 170 m2
  • art_projector Fixed screen and projector
Event Room 02}
Event Room 02

Its size makes it perfect for business meetings and professional meetings. The room is also connected to the central courtyard, which is bathed in natural light and provides an ideal space for a coffee break or snack.

  • persons 40 people
  • size 55 m2
  • art_wifi Projector/Wi-Fi
Event Room 03}
Event Room 03

This room is new and has large windows, with the intense natural light of the interior courtyard streaming in. Located in the hall, it has an adjoining space for breaks and cocktails. A corner that exudes style, elegance and functionality.

  • persons 40 people
  • size 55 m2
  • art_wifi Projector/Wi-Fi
Event Room 04}
Event Room 04

This welcoming room, with plenty of natural light thanks to its large windows, is on the first floor of the hotel. Its floor space, smaller than the previous ones, makes it the best room for a business meeting.

  • art_wifi Projector/Wi-Fi
  • persons 25 people
  • size 35 m2
Patio Event Room}
Patio Event Room

The hallmark of the hotel. This beautiful patio is impressive. You can get a glimpse of the outside world thanks to its dome, providing plenty of natural light. Spacious, sophisticated, modern and stylish, this space is ideal for celebrations and banquets.

  • art_wifi Projector/Wi-Fi
  • persons 250 people
  • size 200 m2
Fully equipped rooms

The Intur Castellón event rooms are equipped with basic technology, but you have the possibility of using the most advanced equipment thanks to the services of a quality external provider. In addition, our staff will help you organise every detail to ensure that your event is a success.