San Sebastián

San Sebastián

A cosmopolitan destination with a natural feel

The city for great food

San Sebastian is one of the top cities for foodies. The reason for this is that it boasts 10 restaurants in the Michelin Guide, making up 17 stars, all within a 25-kilometre radius. Quality food is part of the DNA of the Basque city, with recipes and products of the most worthy culinary art.

Refuge of monarchs and aristocrats

One of the most beautiful cities in the country intoxicated monarchs and noblemen with its charm. It was, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the spot the upper class chose for their second homes. It became fashionable with its sea views and soon filled with mansions, luxuries and the typical decor of the era that made San Sebastian great.

Intur hotels at San Sebastián: Where are we?

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